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Winco Plastics is a full service plastic recycling company who offers toll grinding, we buy and sell plastic resin, (wide spec, contaminated, floor sweeps, powder, and pellets), and plastic recycling materials (engineering and commodity).

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Our goal is to create recycling programs, toll grinding services and regrind plastic programs to help maximize the value of our customer's scrap. In-house consultation to help evaluate your current plastic recycling program; Tailor-made commercial plastics recycling programs to fit each company…

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That includes companies dedicated solely to recycling plastics, as well as companies that manufacture plastic products and reclaim resin from their own scrap for internal use. Our plastic shredding machines can be found in the largest plastics recycling plants and in the smallest.

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Phoenix Recycling Toll Services Plastic Grinding. Phoenix Recycling has an outstanding grinding operation. Whether you want your own material ground and sent back, simple or complex toll grinding, or looking to sell your scrap, Phoenix Recycling is the most efficient place for all your scrap material.

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Plastic Recycling Corporation is an experienced plastic recycling company specialized in purchasing and selling post-consumer, post-industrial plastics. Our primary goal is to purchase recycled plastics in the U.S. and ship them overseas to manufacturers in Asia where they are reprocessed into various…

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The MGB Difference Our partner company, MGB Engineering, is dedicated to repairing all types of plastic extrusion equipment. They offer a wide range of services and repair of equipment from granulators, screen changers, densifiers, extruders, gearboxes, screws, barrels, and everything in between.

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When PVC scrap is recycled instead of discarded, it can make a sizeable impact on manufacturing costs. Let us help to minimize your plastic waste and producing costs. Our processing center offers affordable PVC grinding services for companies in the Greater Cleveland, Ohio …

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We want ALL plastic scrap! PlastiCycle buys all types and forms of industrial/commercial plastic scrap. We pick up nationwide and we pay all shipping costs. Fill out our quick form to find out what your plastic scrap is worth. Please note: 10,000 pound recycling minimum.

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Tycom Recycling Inc. is a plastics processor specializing in the size reduction of scrap and molded components with thirty years of experience in processing and recycling management. Creative solutions, customer service, and fair pricing have been the building blocks of the company since its inception in 1995.

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The AL-TO-MATE Plastic Exchange (APE) is a member based world wide information exchange designed for companies and individuals who BUY / SELL / TRADE goods and commodities. Enter your information and Click SUBMIT .

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Plastic Recycling Materials (we buy and sell) Plastic recycling is a large part of what Winco Plastics does. Our purchasing and selling teams work closely with you in order to make sure that the plastic recycling materials we purchase, and sell are of the highest quality.

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Recycling For You. E very company is different. We'll need to hear about your special needs. Many companies feel that their product is not recyclable or reusable, but the truth is that over 90% of the thousands of companies we've contacted can at least eliminate their expensive land-filling cost and many make an additional income on the side.

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The world wants America's plastic scrap. News and Information for Recycling Professionals ... The Plastic Recycling Corp. of California auctions off PET bales—Grade A and Grade B—in bid offerings every Tuesday (every other Tuesday during the summer). ... as Phoenix has ramped up production on its washing and grinding line, the company has ...

grinding recycling companies repro plastic scrap recycling

*Post Plastics offers pick up of post industrial scrap for recycling based on your company's needs *Toll grinding, shredding, pelletizing Post Plastics Inc. is a full service plastic recycling company committed to providing unparalleled recycling service for industry.

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Plastic toll processing allows manufacturers to recover and reuse production scrap and waste by outsourcing the sorting, grinding, pelletizing, and compounding of waste plastics. Plastic toll processing helps you be more efficient with your materials, decreasing waste and increasing profits.

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Welcome To Joe's Plastics Inc Plastic Recycling. Joe's Plastics was established in 1974 with the goal of providing an outlet to companies generating plastic scrap as a byproduct of their production process.

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Plastic Recycling has evolved into a live and viable worldwide marketplace. Industrial Recyclers has been helping clients for years develop recycling programs that yield positive monetary returns, as well as, reduce their overall impact from an environmental prospective.

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Submit a Listing to the Exchange: The AL-TO-MATE Plastic Exchange (APE) is a member based world wide information exchange designed for companies and individuals who BUY / SELL / TRADE goods and commodities.

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CedarPoly uses a custom-designed Lindner washTech system-- the most advanced European technology in plastics recycling -- to its recycling line for post-consumer HDPE recycling. Read More . We buy from city, county, and private materials recovery facilities big and small.

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Those suppliers are guaranteed payment for and pick up of their plastic scrap within 72 hours. Once we receive the scrap plastic we use environmentally friendly recycling solutions like grinding, pelletizing, compounding, and shredding to re-purpose that industrial plastic for other manufacturers, packaging companies, etc.

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Mega Recycling Call us if you have any regrind, scrap parts and/or obsolete materials you want to remove from your inventory. If needed, our qualified staff members would be glad to visit your facility and set-up a program which is tailor-fit for your business.

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We only sell recycled plastics that have gone through our extensive recycling process, which includes the grinding, blending, compounding and granulation of all incoming plastic waste. We inspect and approve every product for quality, consistency and durability.

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ATD Recycling, located in the Upstate of South Carolina, is a premier recycling company that buys plastic waste materials from companies in the industrial and commercial markets for the purpose of recycling. We are a major provider of plastic scrap recycling solutions to …

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Seaview's professional plastic recycling experts handle all aspects of recycling plastic scrap including shipping, certified scaling, reprocessing, and packaging. Site visits for recycling plan assistance and implementation are services offered to companies looking to maximize their return on scrap materials.

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Toll processing is an industry term that describes performing a service on a product for another company. Plastic toll processing includes pelletizing, or grinding of plastic scrap. Plastic extruders, injection molders, and blow molders will produce some level of scrap material.

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The first and only marketplace for selling and buying recyclable plastics globally. Free, Fast and Secure way to sell or buy recyclable plastics. It's free!

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Able Plastics: Thermoplastic scrap, regrind, reprocessed, and resins trader. More: Adirondack Plastics and Recycling, Inc. Professionals brokers and reprocessors of plastics and paper scrap. More: Advanced Plastic Recycling: Quality Toll services of Pelletizing,Densifing,grinding and brokerage of plastic materials. More: Alliance ...

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Scrap plastic parts are fed into the grinder, which then reduces the size to a 3/8 inch or 1/2 inch particle size. At this point the regrind can be fed back into an extruder …